03 December 2009

Abigail's Journey (Pt 2)


its time...abi's appointment wit Dr. Rajah, d'specialist tat'll operate her, will b on d'23rd nov 2009 at SMC. after a long discussion wit d'doc, its confirmed....monday, 23.11.2009, abi will b operate at 6pm. Abi was admitted at room 617, 6th floor. starting at 11.45am, she'll ve to fast at least 6 hours b4 d'operation.


d'nurse taking abi's pulse, BP, heartbeat to make sure her condition is stable for d'surgery

abi's onemilliondollar(RM?) smile...only if she knew..

Abi's aunt Latifah paying her "homage" b4 d'surgery

..gettin' into d'surgery cloth

...head shower cap...

..its time to go...

d'operatian took abt 2 hours. Arnd 2130-2145hours, Abi was returned 2 her bed. she has been put under anaesthetic b4 d'surgery & still sleeping of it

After d'surgery

tired, exhausted, hungry....poor little angel

D'next day

going back to SMC wit 2 of my daughters, we passed by places wit so many memories...

me wify was here nearly 2 decades ago...

getting abi's pulse, BP & trust...

looks tired..

all in d'family tat supports abi..

...still managed to smile & b'cheerful


removing of d'tag

its time to go home now...

..still ve some time to stopby to play at floor 3

while they r playing, i bring Lala wit me 2 visit Bro. Jasper at d'same building. He has been there 4 abt a month now due to d'infection of d'intestines, kidney & lung..he's recovering now..

Lala wit cousin Bobby

manage to go to karamunsing complex to look for some camera's "toys" at sony centre. tis flash cost arnd RM1400++...woww. then...mama & Abi came to me...

mama is so tense & tired..poor mama too

mama came & told abt abi...she'd just passed motion & tat thingy came out again!!
gosh..after talking to the doc tat operated abi recently, we were asked to come back again to SMC for another surgeryyy..aaahhh, poor abi, not again!! admitted to d'emergency room arnd 8pm at the same day she was discharge earlier on, mama took her 2 d'operation theatre. b4 9pm its finished. after positively sure tat Abi's condition is stable, we went back arnd 11pm.

Thursday, 26.11.2009

Abi having breakfast

hmmm..like nothing has been happening..

after a while, we went back to kgu..hope for the best for 2morow & then...

11 November 2009

D'Special Children of SMK Gunsanad, Keningau

It's better to be hated for what you are


to be loved for something you are not

10 November 2009

natural & human beautification..

guess..where is tis??

theres a project to link pulau gaya & d'mainland for development purposes...if so, who will benefit tis project??

02 November 2009

The Story of Abigail

Abigail, my youngest child, my youngest daughter and of coz, d'most adorable one rite..well, everything small is cute and adoreable, b' it living things or just 'thingies'..hehehhe. Well, it all started on the 1st of October 2009, when suddenly, during abi's moment answering nature's call, something else came out from her anus. it's almost round in shape, pinkish in colour, covered entirely with flesh and blood and it is connected to something inside her rectum!! Me and wify were at work at tat time. After some frantic, SOS, emergency and panic calls from my mum in law, we rush back to abi and took her 2 d'clinic.

D'THINGY...altho' its small, its not adoreable at all...

Dr. Elvin's Clinic
At the clinic waiting for turns. still wondering wat the hell is tat thing. never seen it b4, never knew tat thing ever exist. After d' dr. looked at it, he said its something like POLYPS..something fleshy tat grows inside d'duodenum. d'dr suggested we go 2 d'hospital

Keningau Hospital
waiting 4 almost 2 hours b'coz d'dr. was making his rounds. Examining Abi, Dr. Mohan says tat thingy is just a natural thing...not disease, not piles, nothing dangerous. He also mentioned POLYPS when refering tat thingy. wit his skillful moves, he simply push tat thingy back inside abi's anus...wow, dun know if its hurt or not but abi didnt cry at all. then, d'dr. advice us to go to Queen's 4  further examinations, wrote us a letter of reference to whoever it might b & departed wit us wit a smile. Good Dr., not only they cured ppl wit medicine, they also ve those caring & curing smile, talks, moves, gestures....bless them all. & 4 us, still ven't decide when 2 go 2 kk.

23.10.2009 / Friday
it happened again. tat thingy came out again. after some frantic, SOS, panic & emergency calls from..err..u know, we rush back 2 abi. as usual, nothing seems 2 bother her although tat thingy is hanging from her anus..poor abi. we brought her to Dr. Nicholas Clinic.

Dr. Nicholas Clinic
after been registered, we were called inside d'dr.'s room. Dr. nicholas was surprised as tis is d'1st time he saw tat thingy. d'dr suggest we go 4 surgery to remove d'thingy bcoz if tat thingy had d'habit of coming out from its hiding place oftenly, it could b'infected & could spread thru abi's rectum. sounds reasonable, very convincing especially d'part about spreading out. but then..wat about abi??? She's just 2years5months in age..should she go 4 tat kind of surgery??? Wat r there side-effects??? d'dr. wrote a reference letter 4 us 2 bring 2 Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) KK. D'appointment was made 4 us 2 meet Dr. Chong (know tis dr. as 1 of d'sabah's veterans politicians, i pressumed he was wit YB Raden Maleh b4...) on d'24.10.2009, b4 11o'clock. So, off we go 2 kk around 7pm. its me, mama, abi, ken, neall & Abom (wify's little bro.).

D'Journey of Abigail

ODW 2 KK, stopping at Gunung Alab for Dinner

Kendra..natural photogenic heheh

Abom (Hensel) been away b4 working at New Zealand

Neall..my 1 and only boy-son

wify and baby Abi

b4 goin' back, stopping at Merdeka Complex

d'faithful vehicle..carrying & taking us anywhere as wishes. good vehicle..good one...


d'beautiful seafront

d'always busy traffic

Gng Alab Restaurant..u can check-in but u'll never check-out..hehehehhe. a place 2 rest, eat, sleep??

Abi also taking a break inside d'vehicle..

shaking out d'cramped butt 4 sitting 2 long...rest a while at Masakob Waterfall, in-between Gng Alab & Tambunan. Its under d'Forestry Management..beautiful place, a time-out in another dimension..(4 awhile ofcoz)

neall, ken & abi

abi wit her best pose..

d'water of life flows from d'jar of tree

After sometime, d'journey back home has 2b continue......

These pics shows d'beautiful valley of Kampung Sunsuron, Tambunan. D'garden of Eden should...somehow...situated here in d'1st place..hehehe

A glimpse of SMK Tambunan

Green-green grass of homeeeee...

ahh..tis is the longest straight tarred road in sabah. Really?? Its about 20km and strecht-out from Apin-Apin to Keningau Town. If u look at d'map of Sabah, u can see a straight line between Apin2 & Keningau. Wonder wat is tat hmm...

SMC, KK 24.10.2009
Been waiting since 9am. d'PA said d'dr. has 2 go out due 2 an emergency case & told us just 2 wait. 5 minutes 2 12pm, d'dr arrived & we were called in. a few questions, a quick examination..not more than 10 minutes, finished. d'dr. refered us 2 another specialist,Dr. Shunmugan. & d'dr PA's says.."tat'll b RM50.00 4 d'consultation fees". 10 minutes...rm50...20 minutes..rm?????...30 minutes...rm?????well, another appointment..another day..another time...MONEY againnnnn. next appointment...26.10.2009, 6.00PM, SMC, 8Th floor, Dr. S. Raja

Rushing after work. Fetch dearie wify, abigail & kendra..off we go 2 kk 4 d'appointment. reaching kk around 1630hours. Ve some burgers at Damai area then straight we go to SMC. waiting...waiting..1800 hours, d'doctor came..yezz, on time tis time. during d'consultation..dr. Shun..err..Raja..whoever he is, d'thingy is not sumthing alien or grows inside abi. it seems 2b a part of abi, looks like d'end of d'rectum tats retracting from its original form. d'cause of it..due 2 hyper activities, abi press & push 2 hard during "delivering" stools...d'dr suggest we wait some more time 2 give abi a suitable time 2 recupperate by herself. If its nature, then it'll heal by itself. wify also asked if its possible to do x-ray as 2 double check theres nothing wrong with abi. d'dr. advise us, better wait for somtime than goin for x-ray. AT EARLY AGES, NEVER EXPOSE UR CHILD 2 ANY KIND OF X-RAY...if possible la..ok then, its settle. after more than an hour, exited from d'dr. room, straight 2 d'counter. hehehehhehe..dun 4get 2 pay ahhh. RM120.00 only..hmmm. Going back 2 kgu straight away, 2mmorow ve 2 work again, even kendra had exams. reached home arnd 2200hours...

wat can i concluded from tis xperience??? some people will always sees d'negative side of things if they DONT KNOW  ANYTHING abt tat thing!!! as 4 me, starting 2 make my mind like a paracchute..always let it open, so tat it'll always work....

...wat abt abi??? wat will happen 2 her?? My family's love. thoughts & hopes will always b'wit her . Only time can tell..

One Big Family...

One Big Family...
..u'll nvr get lonely

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